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Exploring close reading, Literary discussion, and the possible benefits of social media
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Students will be able to...

Infer meaning from an author's choices within a novel as well as explore Twitter to expand their social media use to a professional and educational level in an effort to make students more college and career ready.

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Introduction

This is designed to be a three-day lesson. I used the following time line:

Day 1: Intro video, and "Refresher" step

Day 2: "Building" and "Create" steps/Begin "Close" step

Day 3: Finish "Close" step

Show students this video of a TedTalk on how the job market has been evolving over the past 40 years and where it will be evolving moving forward. You can show this in class or have them watch it ahead of time for homework the night before.  You can have students respond on paper, or simply hold a discussion based on the questions asked. Either way, be sure students share their thoughts on the subject with one another. 

Student Instructions

Watch the following video and think about ways in which your parents have been impacted by the changes mentioned in the film. How do you think continuing change will impact you and maybe your children? Why did Andrew McAfee reference films such as The Terminator or I Robot?

2 Refresher

Activity: Conversing

The reading selection for this lesson should have been completed prior to class beginning. It could have been homework the night before, or possibly something previously read as a class (For this lesson I will be using Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner and it will be based on a reading assignment students were responsible for the night before) . Use a three-question quiz to spark discussion and conversation about the author's use of mood, tone, character, or the use of figurative language. Be sure to press students to do more than simply discuss examples of these, but how these their examples were utilized by the author to impact the plot or theme. 

Analysis: This should touch on both PK (Peagogical knowledge) and CK (Content knowledge). This portion of the lesson is also features the applying and understanding levels of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. Despite technology not being utilized for this step, it was not necessary. At best it would be an example of substitution if used, but not as a means of enhancing the lesson. Bloom's also mentions the importance of not using technology when not necessary.

Student Instructions

Respond to the following questions based on the reading assignment from last night. Be sure to respond to the question fully, stating your thought and supporting your claim with evidence from the text:

1) Describe the tone of the opening chapter? Why has the author utilized this particular tone to open the novel?

2) What examples of foreshadowing are present within the first three chapters of Hosseini's work? How does this impact the reader?

3) Describe the character evolution of the narrator within the first three chapters. What relationship does this create between you as a reader and your narrator, Amir?

3 Building

This step has the greatest amount of "prep" work involved. You will need to create your own Twitter account if you do not already have one. You will also need to reserve either chrome books or a computer lab to provide all of your students internet access at the same time (I utilized chrome books in the classroom for this lesson). Once all students have computer access direct them to visit Twitter.com and either sign-in or sign up (most of your students will already have accounts, but do not assume they all do. Be sure to help any students who struggle signing up. Also encourage those who do sign up to utilize their school email to do so). Once everyone is signed in/signed up give them some time to "Plearn" or play/learn. Let them navigate through Twitter and see what it has to offer them, or simply see how they generally utilize it (one step that should be including in their "plearning" is following everyone in the class, including you, on Twitter. As they are exploring challenge them to think about ways they could use social media including Twitter for educational or professional purposes. Discuss answers aloud. Finally you should tweet a few discussion questions at a designated hashtag that follow up on the reading questions from the previous day's lesson. Instruct students to tweet their responses to your questions and you should follow along and retweet or directly respond to thought-provoking ideas.

Analysis: This step in the lesson will show off your technological knowledge (TK) as well as further affirm your content and pedagogical knowledge (CK, PK). This step also reaches Bloom's Understand and Apply steps and is a Substitute in the SAMR model.

Student Instructions

Be sure to check out a chrome book from the cart, log in and then navigate to Twitter.com. Once there, sign in if you already have an account. If you do not currently have an account click on "sign-up" and follow the directions. Raise your hand if you have computer issues or questions. Once you are logged into Twitter take some time to Plearn. Scroll through Twitter and see what it has to offer you or reflect on how you usually utilize it as a tool. While exploring, think about the following question:

1) How could you utilize social media, including Twitter, to benefit you educationally or professionally. Be prepared to share your thoughts.

As you continue to explore be sure to follow me @CoachBrown65 as well as everyone in the class.

Once given the cue, find the questions I tweeted out to at #FHSKiteRunner and tweet back your response. 

4 Create

This will be the independent practice for your students. After discussions are flowing well you need to remove yourself from the discussion by requiring your students to tweet their own questions to the hashtag and to respond to their peers' questions. Encourage your students to challenge one another's ideas and to support themselves and others with evidence from the text.

Analysis: This step falls under the Analyzing, evaluating, and creating levels of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. It again displays TK, CK, and PK or TPACK as well as constituting both the substitution, modification, and redefinition portions of SAMR. The substitution is obvious, as it replaces an in-class discussion aloud. However, the rapid fire responses, as well as the ability to hold several conversations at once in an organized setting creates an experience that is not possible without the use of technology and takes the lesson outside of the walls of the classroom.

Student Instructions

Once you have tweeted a response to both of the discussion questions you need to tweet a question of your own to #FHSKiteRunner. This question needs to be based on information from chapters 1-5 only and should require both an answer and support from the text. Once you have tweeted out your own question respond to the questions of ALL of your classmates. Feel free to challenge the opinion of others. Any statement you make MUST be supported with evidence from the text.

5 Close

As the class is winding down begin to spotlight especially thoughtful responses or chains of tweets between students. Challenge the students to think about an alternative use for Twitter that will benefit them either professionally or in education. Have them tweet their response to a specified hashtag. Some time during the next day's class should be spent showing and discussing some of their answers as well as further discussing some of the tweets from the activity in "create"

Analyze: This final step utilizes Bloom's Analyzing , evaluating, and creating goals.It also provides a final opportunity for you as the teacher to show off your TK and PK. This step also utlizes the Modification portion of SAMR, as without the computer or Twitter the lesson wouldn't be capable.

Student Instructions

Finally think about Twitter tonight for homework and ways you could utilize its services either professionally or to further your own education. Be prepared to have your ideas shared tomorrow in class. You must tweet your response to @FHSneedsTwitter before class tomorrow.