Lesson Plan

Twitter as a Learning Tool

This app flow will allow people to see how Twitter can be used to increase their knowledge base through social media.
Jen L.
Technology coordinator
Oswego County BOCES
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My Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

  • create a twitter account
  • understand twitter language (#, RT, mentions etc..)
  • develop a network of educators 
Grades 12
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1 Hook

Show an example of the speed at which someone on Twitter will respond to a question using a hashtag. 


2 Direct Instruction

For direct instruction, I would use Schoology to deliver a lesson on how to utilize Twitter to develop a Professional Learning Network. I would use an embedded Google presentation to give information to my participants. This presentation would include vocabulary activities, screencaptures of sample tweets and maybe a recommended list of education twitterers to follow. 

3 Guided Practice

During guided practice, I would walk participants through the following steps: 

  1. Creating a Twitter account
  2. Finding people to follow
  3. Vocabulary of Twitter language
    1. Help them use an RT
    2. Help them use a mention
    3. Help them use a hashtag
  4. Help participants install Twitter app on phone and/or use Tweedeck app in Chrome

I would provide screencast via Schoology for additional individual review/training.

4 Independent Practice

For independent practice I would have teachers continue to search for hashtags to follow that support the content that they teach. 

I would also encourage them to find people on their own that would be good to add to their learning network and to reach out to them and communicate. 

5 Wrap-Up

I would wrap up with a twitter hashtag chat that was specific to our training. I'd pose a question about the training that day and have the participants use that hashtag to answer my questions, pose questions to others in the group, and RT or mention others in the group.