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Tweet About It!

Students review landmark Supreme Court cases in 140 characters or less!
Bethany P.
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Central High Park Hills, MO
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My Grades 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies
  • Students will be able to explain the relevance and connection of constitutional principles in key Supreme Court decisions, including Marbury v Madison, McCulloch v Maryland, Miranda v Arizona, Plessy v Ferguson, Brown v Board of Education, and other cases required by state or local guidelines 
  • Students will analyze the implications of landmark decisions on the authority of federal and state governments
Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Landmark Case review

Teacher will direct student to Oyez website, where they will review information about landmark Supreme Court cases. 

Student Instructions

Students will review landmark case information as directed by teacher.

2 Tweet About It!

Teacher will share Word Counter website with students, where they will summarize the landmark case they were assigned using 140 characters or less. The teacher will then share a Padlet wall with the students, where they will paste their "tweet."

Student Instructions

Students will use the Word Counter website to draft their landmark case "tweet." Then, they will share their Tweet with their classmates via a Padlet wall created by the teacher. 

3 Presenting

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will share the Padlet link with the class, and students will follow their classmates' presentations. As students present their "tweet," they will answer questions from the teacher and their peers about the case they researched. 

Student Instructions

Students will then explain their landmark case to their classmates via their "tweet," and will be prepared to answer questions from their classmates.

4 Reflection

Create a Google Form where students will reflect upon the decision of the Supreme Court and how that decision positively or negatively impacted American life.

Student Instructions

Students will reflect upon the case they researched via Google Form provided by the teacher.

5 Hook

Teacher will ask students to describe how Twitter can be used not only for fun, but to gain important information. Teacher will also discuss how vernacular language has changed over time (eloquent statements -> Twitter language).

Student Instructions

Students will provide examples of how Twitter can be used to communicate important information.