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Treasures: Creating a Museum Box from Historical Fiction

This lesson demonstrates understanding of a main character upon completion of a historical fiction novel.
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Students will be able to  demonstrates an understanding of personalities, trends, and beliefs that have shaped history and culture. Students will be able to analyze a character's development and significance to a story's plot.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 9
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1 Timeline Review of Novel

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This lesson flow begins after students have completed a reading and analysis of a historical fiction novel. This can be accomplished as a whole class, in literature circles, or by personal choice. The first step in the flow is for students to recognize the realistic events that shaped the plot of their novel. Students will use TimeToast or Timeline resources to create a timeline organizer that will help them see the major plot events and the order in which they occurred.

2 Character Map Review

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After students have reviewed the main plot events of the novel. they will focus on the traits of the main character. Using a character map generator, like the one available at Storyboard That, students will determine the most important information about the main characters. Students should focus on what the character looks like, what the character says, what the character does, how the character feels, and what other characters think about the main character.

3 Create a Museum Box

Museum Box
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For the final step in this lesson flow, students will synthesize information from the timeline and the character map to analyze their character even further. Students will create a personal Museum Box for their main character. Museum Box allows the student to place items in a virtual box. For this lesson, the items placed in the Museum Box should be the items that would be most important to the main character, given the time period of the novel and the character's traits. After students create their museum boxes, they can share them with classmates a presentation.