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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Traveling to the State Fair

Enlightening and educating students one state at a time!

Student will become an "expert" in one of the 50 states and will be able to present their information to classmates in the form of a book made with Book Creator, Explain Everything, Google Slides or other creation tool of your choice.  At the conclusion of this project a “library” of sorts will be created for classroom use.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Teacher Instructions:  Teacher begins by posting a map of the US.  Question posed to students: “How many states have you visited?”  As students respond have them walk up to the map and put a stamp or a sticker on those states.  As the responses come to a conclusion have the students make some conclusions as to how many states have been visited, how many states have not been visited and what seems to be the most popular states to visit.  Ask students to consider why they think certain states have been more frequently visited.  (Possible answers include:  modes of transportation, location to home state, popular vacation destinations).


Map - one option for consideration...


Student Instructions

Students will respond to teachers question, place their stamps on the maps and engage in conversation regarding travel and the 50 states.

2 Direct Instruction

Students and teacher collaboratively create a template with questions to help guide their research.  These questions will be put in the form of a template that can be given to each student.  Some examples of good templates to guide research:



States will be assigned to students in a random fashion using Random Name Generator (using state names in lieu of student names).   http://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/

Teacher demonstrates the 50 States app and shows student where to access the app on their devices.  Teacher explains that this app will be used to help them research their state - along with other primary sources that can be found on the web and in their library.

Teacher demonstrates the app that students will use to create their finished project: Book Creator, Explain Everything, Google Slides etc... - showing students some of the features available making sure that each student is able to add text, pictures and pages.  

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will supervise the students creating their title page, that includes a title, image (with citation), author and new page.

Teacher will also walk around the room to ensure that students can locate and operate the 50 States app for research and use.

Student Instructions

Students will create their Title Page and demonstrate understanding of 50 states app.

4 Independent Practice

Teachers will assist students as needed for research and to complete the pages of their book/presentation.


Student Instructions

Students will complete their book following the questions on the template provided using their individual interests and research to make a unique product.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Other — Displaying Work, Discussing & Presenting

Have students save their work so that it can be shared or printed with others.  This step can be as "tech-heavy" or as "tech free" as the individual teacher would like.  

One idea for a wrap up exercise using  a combination of tech and non-tech activities:  Create a star graphic organizer--like a wheel with spokes-- with the state name in the middle so each child can add an interesting fact they learned about the various states. This can be used as a informal summative assessment.



Student Instructions

Students will share their knowledge through a Book Gallery, share a QR code, or participate in a center to learn about all the states.

Students will share their findings by filling out the star graphic organizers for each state.