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Travel Magazines

Students will use descriptive writing to create a travel magazine.
Crystal E.
Classroom teacher
Centennial Public School
Utica, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to...

  • use figurative language to describe a location.
  • use a variety of writing fomats and structures to create articles.
  • write in different points of view depending on purpose.
  • edit and revise writing for conventions and fluency.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 10
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1 Hook

Using Google Earth, students will visit locations of choice, taking pictures of the scenery.  Students should at some point in the activity, choose one location to focus on.

2 Descriptive Essay

Google Drive
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Using the pictures of their location, students will write a descriptive essay, which will be their feature article, in their Drive.  The essay should describe the location in a 3rd person objective point of view.  Students may also research the location further in order to include geographical features not featured in their picture.

3 Sequential Writing

Google Drive
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In small groups, students will write a "How-to" article on preparing for a big trip.  Emphasis will be on sequencing the list in an appropriate order.  Students will first brainstorm together essential elements of getting ready for a trip, including packing, preparing the house for a departure, important documents to organize, and financial preparations.  Then, after completing an outline, students will decide on which point of view to use and write their article cooperatively.  The information used in the article should then be used to create an infographic using canva.com.

4 Compare and Contrast

Google Drive
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Students will pair with a partner from their small group to compare their two featured locations.  The essay will be written cooperatively and must be accompanied by a chart organizing the information discussed in their essay.

5 Publishing

Google Drive
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In their small groups, students will publish their articles in magazine format using the LucidPress add on to Google Drive.  Magazines should have a cover featuring the locations inside, headlines for topics, and include the pictures taken in the hook.