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Students will use multiple apps and group activities to reinforce learning.
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Students will be able to...

Segment words by onset and rime

Identify the letter Rr

Match letters and sounds

Identify forms of transportation

Listen, comprehend, learn new vocabulary

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades Pre-K
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1 Phonological Awareness

Activity: Other — Group Activity

Explain to the children what the terms ONSET and RIME mean. Tell children that you will play a word game called "Break It Off." To do this, they have to pay attention to the word you say. They must listen carefully and identify the first sound in the word. Model by saying the word RUN. Ask the children to say the first sound that they hear. Provide corrective feedback if needed. Once the first sound is provided (onset), have them tell you the rest of the word (rime). Continue with other words. Throughout the week, use different transportation words. have the children segment by onset and rime. 

Student Instructions

Students should be listening to the word provided and participating in the activity by giving feedback of the words they are provided. (Breaking up the words by onset and rime). 

2 Alphabet recognition

As a large group, I will introduce the letter Rr and its sound. Holding up the letter card, we will discuss the letter and the sound it makes. We will air write the letter together. 

Student Instructions

Students will repeat the letter name and sound and air write the letter. During small groups, students will practice the sound, writing the letter, looking/searching for the letter in word searches, and make a craft that involves the letter. Students will also be on their iPads using the apps to reinforce what they have learned and work toward mastery of the concept. 

3 Print Awareness

Activity: Other — Using the smartboard and teacher iPad

As a large group.......

Using the smartboard and teacher iPad, tell the children that you are going to show them how to write words. Tell them you want to write the word SAT. To write a word, I must think about the letter for each sound in the word. Ask them to tell you the first sound they hear and then write it down. Continue with the rest of the letters. Have them help you match the sound to each letter. Pick new words each day. 

Student Instructions

Students will listen to the word you choose. They will tell you the name of the letter to match the sound they hear as you write the word. During days 3-5, volunteers will write the letters to form the words. 

4 Oral Language

Activity: Conversing

Using the transportation cards, display each card one by one. Name each form of transportation and ask the children to repeat the name....emphasizing the correct pronunciation. Discuss the characteristics of each vehicle. On the second day, review the names of the vehicles. Display the cards and ask questions to help the children identify each one. During day 3-5, have the children sort them into groups and explain how they decided to sort them. 

Student Instructions

The students will participate in naming each of the transportation vehicles. They will discuss different characteristics of each of the vehicles. They will sort the vehicles and explain how they sorted them. 

5 Reading

Activity: Reading

Develop Print Awareness: Read the title and the names of the author and illustrator as you track the print. 

Read the book: Have children use the cover to predict what the book will be about. Have them listen to find out why the boy likes planes. Stop every few pages and help the children identify the features and job of each plane. Ask the children what they learned about planes. Reread the story on Tuesday and Wednesday and have the students respond with their comments. Discuss the different planes and the different jobs they have. 

Thursday: Read Aloud Anthology - Cinderella:

Display the first retelling card. Have the students discuss the illustration. Then read it and have the children listen to find out how she got her name. Display the retelling cards as prompted. After reading, discuss the questions and anything else they would like to discuss about the story. 

Friday: Listen for enjoyment - Teacher choice on the unit.

Student Instructions

Students will listen and discuss the stories. They will participate in Q & A sessions each day. 

6 Materials:

Activity: Other — All materials needed for the week

Letter Rr alphabet cards

picture cards of things that begin with Rr

Teacher iPad and smartboard

Oral Language Cards - Transportation cards

Big Book: I Love Planes!

Read Aloud Anthology page 24 and retelling cards: Cinderella