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Transitional words & phrases

the students will be able to identify and use transitional words & phrases
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Students will be able to... connect ideas, locations and time in their writing

English Language Arts
Grades 4
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1 Hook

Free to try, Paid

Song from "From Pong to Today"

The students will identify transitional word phrases as they fill in the blanks on the lyrics sheet. 

Allow 5min.

2 Direct Instruction

The students will be showen a slide presentation on Haiku so that they can better understand transitional words.

Allow 5 min.

3 Guided Practice

Each group will receive a different story without transitional words, and the students will writie, and record their voices adding the transitional words and phrases. 


15 min.

4 Independent Practice

Free to try, Paid

Transitions- Unit Test

5 Wrap-Up

Presentations of each group will be made at the end of class.