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Students will determine location, orientation and relationships on the coordinate plane. (MA 8.3.2)
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Students will be able to...

  •  MA 8.3.2.a - Perform and describe positions and orientation of shapes under single transformations including rotations (in multiples of 90 degrees about the point of origin), translations, reflections, and dilations on and off the coordinate plane.
  • MA 8.3.2.b - Find congruent two-dimensional figures and define congruence in terms of a series of transformations.
  • MA 8.3.2.c - Find similar two-dimensional figures and define similarity in terms of a series of transformations.
Grades 8
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1 Hook - Transformation Song Video

Students will watch the introductory video as a "bell ringer" at the start of class. (1:1 MacBook)

Student Instructions

Bell Work:  Watch this short video reviewing transformations.

2 Direct Instruction: Review of 4 Types of Transformations

Activity: Drawing

Quickly review the 4 types of transformations:

  1. Translation
  2. Reflection
  3. Rotation
  4. Dilation (enlargement and reduction)

Use transparency paper so that students can manipulate the shapes.

3 Guided Practice: Shape Mods/MathPlayground

  • The teacher will briefly demonstrate the "Shape Mods" activity on the Math Playground website.
  • Students will work either individually or in pairs to work through as many levels of the activity as possible in the time allowed. (1:1 MacBook)
Student Instructions

Work through as many levels of "Shape Mods" as possible.

4 Independent Practice: Check for Understanding

Activity: Assessing

A short assignment (8 questions) will be given at the end of class to assess individual student understanding.

Student Instructions

Complete the 8 question assignment.