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Touchdown Typing

This activity will motivate students toward achieving greater levels of accuracy and speed while learning how to type.
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From this activity students will be able to:

Gain speed and accuracy with typing

Practice existing typing skills

Develop new typing skills

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 8
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Like all sports, typing is a skill that honors speed and accuracy and a player (or a typist) gets better by practicing.  Do you think that a quarterback would be able to throw for a touchdown pass without ever having practiced with his teammates?  How fast would you be able to run if you only ran once a month?  Would you be faster if you trained weekly?  Can we compare typing skills - speed and accuracy - to playing sports?  How are they similar?  

2 Direct Instruction, Guided & Independent Practice

Typing Training
Free to try, Paid

Display - either on an interactive projector or a bulletin board - a diagram of a football field.  Be sure to mark the 10 yard lines and goal post areas.

Divide the class into two teams - arbitrarily so that both teams contain a mixture of skill.

This game should be played over several weeks to encourage students to continue to work on these typing skills.

Both teams will begin on the 50 yard line facing their own goal post.  Their objective, as a team, is to carry the ball to their goal post area to score a touchdown.  They will “tackle” each other on the basis of their typing speed/score or accuracy - depending on what you, as the teacher, choose as your goal.

The use of the games or lessons in Typing Training is suggested.  Any of the activities will work - students do not need to be on the same lesson for the “tackle” as the victor is the student who has greater success with speed/score or accuracy which can be determined whether a student is working on “f and j” or “d and k”.


To keep students on their toes and to make sure that you randomally select students selected for the tackle, the use of Random Name Picker (on ClassTools.net) is suggested http://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/

To determine which team will advance with the ball, use the following conversions.

If the game is being played for speed, at the end of each timed activity, the teacher calls out a player for Team A (using Random Name Picker).  The player responds with his/her speed.  This is repeated for for Team B.  The lower score is subtracted from the higher score and the difference is the number of yards one team can advance from the 50 yard line.  Should both players report the same speed, the ball does not move.  When one team scores a touchdown by reaching its goal post, it receives six points on the scoreboard and play resumes with both teams facing each other on the 50 yard line.

    If the game is being played for accuracy, at the end of each timed activity, each player selected will report on their accuracy vs. their speed.

 A variation to combine both speed and accuracy is to select random opponents and use both value in calculating yards gained.

**It is suggested that the teacher set a minimum requirement for accuracy or students may take advantage of “speed” and not heed attention to detail.  Suggested accuracy for a score to “count” is 90%.

The teacher will display the results on the football field created as described above.


3 Wrap-Up

Activity: Conversing

Ask students to reflect and give feedback on activity.  Take notes and suggestions for improvement.