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"To Build a Fire"

Using Classic Text to Explore Naturalism, Common Core Style
Suzy L.
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Cherokee County Schools
Canton, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Essential Questions:    

How can I use text-dependent questions to understand the story?
How can I prove that the story shows traits of realism and naturalism?
How can I show that I understand plot elements of the story, like plot, theme, symbol, point of view, and character?

English Language Arts
Grades 11
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1 Activation Strategy (Hook)

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

Link to background knowledge:  I will show students the prezi that I used to introduce Realism before Huck Finn, reminding them of how Naturalism is one of the branches of that literary period.  Students will complete this 3-2-1 on their summarizer sheets:

3 characteristics of Naturalism
2 famous authors of Naturalism
1 way Naturalism is different from Regionalism

Student Instructions

None needed--teacher will display prezi, which is available for purchase from Laura Randazzo at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Realism-American-Literature-Movement-from-Civil-War-to-RegionalismNaturalism-553480

2 Activation Strategy (Hook) Continued: Nonfiction Text

Free, Paid

Nonfiction article with quiz:  Students will read an article about the Iditarod at http://newsela.com/articles/Iditarod-finish/id/3009/ at their appropriate lexile level and take a socrative quiz.  Use SOC #:  3519384 to get the quiz.

**I think the Newsela quizzes are too difficult; that's why I created my own in socrative.  

3 Activation Strategy (Hook) Continued: Research Connection

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Research connection:  In partners, students will create a page-sized poster about Alaska’s gold rush history, including ten facts in their own words and a picture (which may be a timeline).  Alternatively, they may choose to do a prezi instead.  They will use sweetsearch.com and must have at least two sources cited on the back of the poster.  They may copy the citations from easybib.com.  


Student Instructions

Rubric available at http://bit.ly/goldrushposter

4 Pre-Reading: Vocabulary Pre-Exposure

Activity: Exploring


Vocabulary magic square for unknown words available at http://bit.ly/firemagicsquare

5 Pre-Reading: The Grammar of Literature

The students will complete the grammar activity outside of class at http://esl.fis.edu/grammar/correctText/fire.htm They will take a picture of their scores and send them to me on edmodo. 

6 Guided Practice and Independent Practice

Activity: Reading

Students will complete a study guide that covers these topics:

Text-dependent questions with page number references
Man vs. nature conflict—snow and dog
Cause and effect illustrated timeline
Fire as symbol
Point of view
Traits of realism/naturalism

Teaching Notes:

Connect to nonfiction—newsela article during activator
Common Core reading graphic organizer
Use of reading strategies/close reading/text---visualizing and summarizing built in to timeline
Use of independent/pairs/small groups/whole group—independent for reading nonfiction; pairs for research; whole group for reading; independent with partner check for study guide
Self-checking component—I will have major events listed on a slide for timeline.  Students will earn points via self-check for every event they match. Extraneous timeline events will not hurt them.



Student Instructions

Student copy available at http://bit.ly/firestudyguide

7 Wrap-Up: Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Assessments (include vocabulary, grammar, plot/textual details, reading strategies)—focus on backward design

*Some of these are connected to what I previously mentioned in the lesson plan.

Informal:  Observation of on-task behavior and informal discussions during reading

CW/HW:  Study guide will be checked.
CW/HW:  Research connection poster
Quiz:  This story will be assessed as part of the Realism/Naturalism quiz.
Quiz:  Newsela quiz will be added to previous quizzes for one bigger grade
Test:  This story will be test on the unit test for Realism.
CW/HW:  grammar activity

8 Summarizer (Wrap-Up)

Free, Paid

Using padlet, students will complete one of the activities off the summarizer sheet to activate each day’s reading and remind them of where we left off the day before.  http://padlet.com/suzylolley/litsummarizers