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Timeline on ‘life cycle of a plant’

Student will record all stages of growth of a plant from the seeds and create a timeline on ‘Timeline App’
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Students will be able to...understand the sequencing of the stages of growth of a plant . With timeline App they will also learn to record data and interpret in general way about the time taken.

Grades 1
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Student Notes

1 The stages of growth need us to observe the plant regularly.

Students were shown the dry seeds. Each step of the growth experiment was asked to be captured by their assigned iPads. 

Student Instructions

Take seeds, soak them in the water, take pictures. Observe periodically and keep recording with camera.

2 Exposing students to various aspects of a plant.

Activity: Exploring

Planting saplings, drawing parts of plants, collecting seeds to learn about dispersal.

Student Instructions

Students had experiential learning about different aspects of the plant.

3 Sharing Pictures with the homeroom teachers.

Students to: 

1) Learn how the Save & Send buttons work.

Student Instructions

Students Learn: 

1) How to save

2) How to attach to an email

3) Steps to follow when sending an email.