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The order in which things happen.
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Students will be able to...use technology to create a timeline by selecting the highlights (important parts of the story) and put them in chronological order.


English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Conversing

Inform students about the Topic for the day. Asked students if they have ever heard of a timeline or a series of event dates?

Talk about time line and how can it be used in different subject areas.  (ie, history class Civil War, science class the butterfly cycle, or English class a series os events in a story.)

How do you think timeline could be useful in our class?

After 1 minute, whole class share out. Ask one student from each pair to share one example that they discuss.

Show student sample of a timeline.

Student Instructions

Share with the person to your right at your table the different ways a timeline could be used this class.


2 Direct Instruction

Review timeline with class, answering any questions he/she may have.  Remind students that a timeline can be weekly, monthly, even yearly or the order in which an event unfold.

Handout the worksheet "Inventions" timeline with the pre-cut pictures of different inventions. 

Review correct placement with students for the Inventions timeline.

Review the story 3 Little Pigs. Hand out one sheet of chart paper per group. Instruct students to create a timeline as a group at their table.  They will need to select a recorder, who will write the information.

Student Instructions

Students will paste the invention where they think they belong.

Have students create a timeline for the 3 Little Pigs story.

Share with class the attached web page.

3 Independent practice

Free, Free to try, Paid

Students will timeline the 1st five chapters of Holes as a group on a sheet of paper.

Demonstrate to students how to use Padlet to illustrate a timeline of the first 5 chapters of Holes. 

Student Instructions

Students work as a group to create a timeline for the first 5 chapters of Holes on a sheet of paper.

Then, later on they put the same information on to Padlet.

Students will be individually responsible for the completion of a timeline for the whole book, Holes

4 Wrap-up

Free, Paid

What should a timeline have? Dates with information, Letters with information, information in the correct order, information only 

Does a timeline have to be in a specific order of events?  Yes, No

Does it matter what order the information is in? Yes, No


Student Instructions

Log on to the Kahoot site and input the code, then his/her name.

Select the correct answer.

or Flyswatter with YES or NO questions