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Time to Five MInute Intervals

Student will learn how to tell time to the five minute interval
Pamela D.
Classroom teacher
Daniel Island Elementary School
Charleston, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math

Students will be able to tell time to the five minute interval. 

Grades 2
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

Review prior knowledge (skip counting, telling time to the hour and half-hour)

Read the book Game Time by Stuart Murphy and discuss time concepts.

Student Instructions

Students will listen to the book and look for examples of time concepts.

Students will turn and talk to share their observations with a partner. 

2 Direct Instruction

Students will watch a BrainPop Jr. video on telling time to the five minute interval. 

Students will turn and talk to share what they learned from the video.  Allow students to share out with the class as well.

Student Instructions

Watch the video.  Tell your partner what you learned from the video about telling time to the five minute interval. 

Share observations with whole class.

3 Guided Practice

Students will complete the BrainPop Jr. online quizz (easy or hard) whole group.  Discuss the questions, answers, and any misconceptions from the discussion.  Use student whiteboards to answer.  Teacher can use this as a formative assessment

Student Instructions

Answer the BrainPop questions using your whiteboard.  Write the letter of the correct answer and "show" when given the prompt.  Discuss the possible choices and why the student chose his or her answer. 

4 Independent Practive

Students will practice teling time using the Jungle Time app.

Student Instructions

Practice telling time using the Jungle Time app on your ipad

5 Wrap Up

IXL - Math and English
Free to try, Paid

Students will select the telling time questions on the IXL app and answer 10 questions.  Students will write their score on an exit slip. 

Student Instructions

Select the IXL app on your ipad.  Choose the telling time questions and answer the first 10 questions.  Write your score on the exit slip.