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Three Little Pigs

Children's literature class: story about Three Little Pigs class reading and class activity.
Maggie M.
Early childhood provider
Frostburg state university
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My Grades Pre-K
My Subjects English Language Learning

Students will be able to...

  1. Understanding what happened in the story and Sequence events.
  2. Recognizing the new words. 
  3. Identify silent k.
  4. Recognize and understand the formation of past-tense verbs ending in -ed.
English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades K – 2
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1 Hook

Showing the story at the begriming of the class, then finish the activity I have been set up.

Student Instructions

The activities to attract students' attention 

Showing this video  attract students' attention. 

Cutting and coloring these characters which are show up in the story

2 Direct instruction

This guided lesson in the letters P, W and N will help kids to identify the letters, and also reinforces the sound that each letter makes. The classic story of The Three Little Pigs provides important context for learning these three letters, in addition to a fun, narrative environment in which to learn them. Don't miss out on the accompanying printable below.

words they have to know : brick, budge, conversation, decide, exhale, haystack, huff, inhale, pies, puff, ravenous, slurped, sob, straw, tremble

Student Instructions

Show students understand about the past tense. 


3 Guild Practice

  1. Guide the reading: Have students read to the end of page 7. Have them draw what they visualized during one or more events of the story on their visualize worksheet. If they finish before everyone else, have them go back and reread.
  2. Invite students to share their pictures of what they visualized while reading. Have them explain their drawings aloud.
  3. Write the following events on the board: Three little pigs decided to leave their home; The first pig chose to build his home out of straw; He built his house and sat down to eat his lunch of pea soup, salad, and bread; A hungry wolf knocked on his door; He demanded to be let in, but the pig refused; The wolf inhaled deeply; He blew the house down; All that remained was a haystack; The little pig went to his brother's house.
  4. Discuss and circle the events that are the most important to correctly tell the story. 
  5. Ask students to tell what the story is mostly about so far .
  6. Introduce and explain the sequence events worksheet. Have students write the circled events in order on their worksheet. 
Student Instructions

Sequencing the story.

Story telling with their own words.

4 Independent Practice

set up students in to different groups, let them work cooperate. since we just finish talking about the new vocabularies. asking each other about the words meaning with prepared cards . 

Student Instructions

making action on the cards. 

students need tp cut and make the main characters in the story, and paint them.

5 Warm Up

Asking students come in to group and perform the three little pigs story. ask them what do they feel about each of the three little pigs.