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Three Cheers for Math!

These digital tools used together create engaging, powerful opportunities for review and understanding
Catherine B.
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Copper Mesa Elementary (Highlands Ranch, CO)
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Students will be able to...

Solve problems using addition and subtraction, multiplication and division

Students will be able to explain why math is important in the real world and create content to demonstrate this understanding.


Grades 2 – 6
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1 The Hook

Teacher will preview one or more videos demonstrating math in action on School Tube.  One general example is a clever video introducing math as an infomercial product.


Geometry in the Real World

Measuring: Barbie Bungee

Dan Meyer: Real World Applications

Note: School Tube is much more student-appropriate than YouTube, or other video-hosting services, but it is still recommended that the teacher preview the video(s) before showing them to students.



2 Independent practice

TenMarks Math
Free to try, Paid

Based on the math skill that the student has student to showcase as being applicable in the real world, the teacher will assign TenMarks lessons focusing on that skill (as appropriate by grade level).  Once students have completed the lesson, they are ready for the Wrap Up. 

3 Modified Independent practice

Students may also enjoy Sokikom-- a good compliment to TenMarks, especially for younger students.  Though there is no "assign" feature in Sokikom, teachers can direct them to the correct part of the Sokikom village (Operations, Measurement, Fractions, Geometry) and complete the lessons as appropriate to their skill level.

4 Wrap Up

Students will create a short video using drawing, writing and narration to explain how knowledge of a particular math skill is helpful in the real world.  Using Show Me, students can write and draw while recording the narration. 

Using Narrable, students create an avatar, then upload a picture relevant to their explaination.  They will then record their voice explain the skill and it's real-world application.