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This Book is on Fire! Fahrenheit 451

Connecting the Time Period, Poetry, and Literary Concepts to the Teaching of Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451
Suzy L.
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Students will be able to answer these essential questions:

  • * How can an understanding of the 1950s help us understand the novel?
  • * How do I respectfully voice supported opinions about concepts from the novel?
  • * How can I read and respond to this complex novel?
  • * How are memorization and recitation important tools for poetry appreciation?
English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 11
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1 Activating Strategies

1. Link to prior knowledge:

  • Fahrenheit wordsplash—terms from background notes—students write about the terms, trying to connect ten of them in a way that makes sense.
  • Then students will complete video-guided notes on the 1950s background of the novel.   

*The video is not available to post here, for obvious reasons, but any video that gives background should be sufficient.

2. Hook: Agree-Disagree chart (Students should text the words "agree" or "disagree" to polleverywhere.com for each question.)

*See PowerPoint for both these activators.

*Daily activators will also include study questions/quizzes.

2 Teaching the Novel

Students will read the novel, completing study questions and four interactive video journals as they go.

They will complete a Google Voice response to a prompt on authority.

They will memorize and complete a “written recitation” of one thematically-connected poem, with the option to also perform it for the class.


3 Assessment

Activity: Assessing
  • They will have several quizzes about the reading each week.
  • They will complete a unit test.
  • Their journals will be graded as part of their writing portfolio for this semester but will be due on test day.
  • The written recitation will be graded as a % of words correct out of the total words.

My quizzes and tests are available on Teachers Pay Teachers, but you do not need those to complete this lesson plan:)