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Think before you post!

THINK BEFORE YOU POST. Sometimes people post the first thing comes to their minds without measuring the future consequences.
Jessica N.
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Colegio De La Inmaculada Jesuitas
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My Grades 8
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Students will be able to identify what are the consequences when they are not responsible when posting in science.

Students will be able to identify what are the main concerned facts that they have to consider.

Students will create a plan to make their peers concerned about some consequences when they post without responsibility.

Grades 8
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1 Think before you Post!

Set an interesting problem:

Three stories about posting. There are three people involved. Sara, Miguel and Jessica.

Sara posting: 1) In the restaurant with friends. 2)Taking a course at one prestigious university.

Miguel posting: 1) Here having fun with friends and drinking beers. 2)What a day! What happens there keeps there.

Jessica posting: 1) I really love nature, that is why I am here. 2) After some time, getting together with friends.

From these three situations encourage student think critically about their reputation and digital identity.

Then, show the twitter post about an Ex Manager of a Public Institution that sets that she did not write the last Science Report.

Tell students to think about what are the consequences of posting.

Finally students undergo a Kahoot quiz to remember what are the scientific method step in which publication is involved.



Student Instructions

Students will have three situations to analyze.

They complete a worksheet about these three situations.

They have a pair conversation talking about this.

Then, they see a Twitter post and as a Class they build a plan on how to be responsible when posting.