Lesson Plan

Themes Across Time

Students explore a theme from a class text and apply it to history and current events.
Sara J.
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My Grades 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

1. determine a theme in a class novel/story

2. research historical and current events that support the theme

3. Use textual evidence to prove a theme exists

4. Create a collage that collects all the evidence of the universality of the theme

English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 12
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1 Determine Theme

Free, Paid

1. Create a short answer questions using socrative to determine ideas that the whole class book deals with (ideas include words like: family, hope, prejudice)

2. Clarify or correct any of the feedback in there are words that are not really ideas or not ones the text deals with

3. Guide students to writing 3 themes. Start with "The author believes that..." and have students finish the sentence with one or two of the terms. Then they delete "The author believes that"

4. Each student selects the best theme of the three they created. and put it on their pic collage page

2 Textual Evidence

1. Students find at least three pieces of textual evidence that supports the theme

2. Students find an image that will accompany each piece of evidence

3. Students pair a textbox with the image for each of the pieces of text evidence

3 Research

1. Using the digital resources that are avlaible to you, styudents research one historical event that proves the theme's universality, one current event, and one "free choice" of current or historical.

2. Students collect images for each event and useing textboxes, label them in the pic collage

4 Submit

1. Students mae sure name is on collage

2. Upload to Edmodo