Lesson Plan


We will be learning about the literary element of theme

Students will be able to comprehend the aspect of theme.

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — Song Play

In this part of the lesson I will have the students pull from their previous knowledge as I play a familiar song. I will then have the students, in a discussion form, explain how this song makes them feel as well as what the song is about. This will introduce the students to the idea of theme.

2 Direct Instruction

I will use this website to introduce the students to a piece of literature they are familiar with and can easily relate to in the real world. These are some use of new concepts because the students will be working on theme, but able to pull it in through real world literature. This will provide the concrete examples they need through the YA literature.

3 Guided Practice

This will allow the students to pull in the technology they are so eager to use through ibook. This will provide students with unlimited practice as they will be able to access this at any time. I will check for understanding by assigning certain readings for homework and giving them follow up questions the following day in class.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Presenting

In this section of the lesson I will give the students a task in writing their own short story and present the main theme to the class. This will allow the students to master the skill, because they will be teaching it to another which is said to ensure understanding within that student.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Debating

In this section students will debate on each other's presentation to see if everyone came to the same conclusion of main theme. I will use this as a stepping stone into other literary elements.