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The World Gazette

In this lesson, students work in groups to explore a city around the world, and then create a hypothetical newspaper front page to present to classmates.
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Students will be able to...

  • Research a global city, including current events, climate, and culture.
  • Work collaboratively to write news articles.
  • Create a newspaper front page utilizing a technology resource.
Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention Getter - Introduction to News Stories through CNN Student News

  • Teacher will utilize CNN Student News to look at world events for the day.
  • Teacher will lead a class discussion on what makes a good news story and what we can learn from news stories.
  • Teacher will provide students with copies of newspapers (these can be found online or through the school media center).
  • Teacher will break students into groups (opportunity for differentiation).
  • Each group will review their newspaper and summarize the important items found in a typical front page.
Student Instructions
  • Students will view CNN Student News then participate in a class discussion on what makes a good news story and what we can learn from news stories.
  • Students will work collaboratively with their groups to review their newspapers and summarize the important items found in a typical front page.

2 Direct Instruction - Use of NewsELA to explore news stories

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  • Teacher will identify various articles on NewsELA that can be used to explore the aspects of a great news story.
  • Articles can be differentiated by Lexile level using NewsELA.
  • Articles will be distributed to students by print or through the NewsELA website.
  • Teacher will provide a graphic organizer outlining the key elements to a news story:  title, byline, date, main topic, and supporting details.
  • Teacher will go through at least one example of a news story from NewsELA with students using the graphic organizer.
  • Teacher will circulate through the classroom answering questions and assisting groups who need additional assistance once groups begin working independently.
Student Instructions
  • Students will utilize their own devices, classroom devices, or computer labs to view the NewsELA articles.
  • Students will work together to evaluate the NewsELA assignment and determine key points of a news story.
  • Students will complete the graphic organizer provided by the teacher.

3 Guided Practice - Research on World Cities

  • Teacher will introduce students to Geo Walk HD and how to best navigate the app.
  • Teacher will assign student groups various cities around the world.
  • Teacher will introduce the assignment of creating a newspaper front page on their assigned city.
Student Instructions
  • Students will work collaboratively in groups to research their assigned cities.
  • Students will identify important elements to include on their newspaper front page such as weather, current events, cultural information, etc.

4 Guided Practice - Creation of Newspaper Front Page

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  • Teacher will guide students through an introduction to Wikispaces.
  • Teacher will provide computer lab time for students to work collaboratively to build their Wikispace as a substitute for a print copy of a newspaper.
  • In the alternative, teacher may provide large butcher paper and students may handwrite newspaper front pages.
Student Instructions
  • Students will work collaboratively to write their front page articles.
  • Students will work collaboratively to create their Wikispace and review it so that it is as similar to a newspaper front page as possible.
  • Students will cite all of their sources on a separate page of the Wikispace in order to be aware of all copyright laws.

5 Wrap Up - Students turn in work

Activity: Presenting
  • Teacher will provide an opportunity for student groups who wish to present their Wikispace in class to do so.
  • In the alternative, teacher may curate the Wikispaces into a gallery on the class blog so that students may take time to explore each other's work.
Student Instructions
  • Students will present their newspaper Wikispaces to their classmates.
  • Students will view all Wikispaces via a classroom presentation or an online blog gallery.
  • Students will evaluate each other's work and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Students will utilize the class feedback to improve their Wikispaces prior to the teacher assessing them.