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The Three Little Pigs

students will tell me their version of The Three Little Pigs.
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Students will be able to retell a familar story in detail.


English Language Arts
Grades K
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1 The hook

Instruct the kids to sit in front of the baord to watch the telling of The Three Little Pigs.While they are sitting down place the supplies for the next part of the activity on their tables. 

Student Instructions

The students will watch the Story of the three little pigs being told on screen.

2 Direct instruction

Activity: Creating

After placing all the materals the students will need on thier desks. Have them go back to their seats and give the directions for making the houses for the three little pigs.

The materials needed for this assigment are glue, Straw, crafting sticks, and bricks cut out of paper. Have three house for each child cut out so the can create the house of straw, the house of sticks and the house of bricks. 


Student Instructions

The students will cut glue and paste together a house of straw, a house of sticks and a house of bricks. 

3 guided practice

Activity: Drawing

Have puppets of the three little bigs and the big bad wolf. When the students have finished with their houses give them cut out of the characters for them to draw and glue to sticks to create puppets

Student Instructions

The students will color the puppets of the characters and glue them to sticks.

4 Assessment

Activity: Assessing

When the students have finished their houses and puppetts have them retell the story of The Three Little Pigs to you using the houses and puppets. Use a assessment or check list to make sure that they have the story in order and the major events.

Student Instructions

The students will take turns telling the story to you the way they remeber it.