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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

The Three Billy Goats STEM Challenge

A fun and engaging lesson to introduce engineering and STEM learning in the classroom.
Emily B.
Classroom teacher
Alan B Shepard Elementary School
Bourbonnais, United States
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The students will be able engineering concepts to build a bridge that will hold the weight of a toy goat and record and self evaluate their designs on their digital portfolio.

Grades K – 1
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

The teacher will introduce the lesson by playing the NASA for kids engineering video for the class.

2 Direct Instruction:

Announce to the class that today they are going to work as engineers. Present the Google Presentation The Three Billy Goats Gruff STEM Challenge. Pose the problem- How can the goats cross the river with the troll? (Solution- Build a bridge). Go over the steps in the engineering process and explain the next step is Plan. Go over the task and the materials available.

Student Instructions

Actively listen to directions. Raise hand to answer questions.

3 Guided Practice:

Distribute out the planning sheet and Encourage students to talk with their classmate and work collaboratively to come up with a plan.

Student Instructions

Draw the materials and the blueprint for their bridge. Discuss their ideas with classmates.

4 Independent Practice

Assist students who need help cutting, gluing, taping materials. Monitor the testing area. Assist students with recordings if needed.

Student Instructions

Gather materials and begin building their bridge. Bring their bridge to the testing area. Test their bridge to see if it fits over the river and can hold one toy goat. Go to the recording station to record their results. Use the SeeSaw App to take a picture of their bridge and post it to their learning journal. Record how their bridge worked and what changes they think would improve their design.

5 Wrap Up:

Show the SeeSaw learning feed on the projector. Moderate discussion.

Student Instructions

Gather on the carpet. or class meeting area. Share journal entries. Contribute to classroom discussion about their designs.