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The Technology Tail- Digital Citizenship

his story is about a girl who learns about her technology tail. Everything she posts online or texts goes on her technology tail either as a present or as a bruise or hole. Things like sharing private information will give a hole, and the hole in her tail
Ivy M.
Speech Pathologist
Rye Neck Union Free School District
Mamaroneck, United States
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My Grades 3, 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

understand that what they write online stays with them forever.  Comments which are kind, mean, or hurtful all stay on line ans will follow them forever.  

Understand feeling words

Understand empathy

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Conneccting with the book

1)  Teacher will hand out paper students.

2)  Teacher will review new vocabulary words within the story

using Quizlet

4)  Review Good Listening Behavior strategies



Student Instructions

1)  Students will take their person and decorate the person to look like them

2)  Students will make personal connections to vocabulary words

3)  Students will add vocabulary words to their vocabulary dictionary.

4)  Repeat and show good listening Behavior Strategies



2 Reading

Activity: Creating

1)  Read The Technology Tail.

2)  Use pictures to resequence the book


Student Instructions

Students show good listening behaviors while listening to the book, The Technology Tail.

Add tail to their person