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The Singularity

Ray Kurzweil : The Coming Singularity
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My Grades Pre-K, 12
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Understand the predictions of Ray Kurzweil.  Generate and share personal opinions of the future.

Grades 9 – 12
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1 The Six Epochs of Evolution

Watch short video of Kurzweil's six epochs of evolution.

Who is Ray Kuzweil?

He has received 20 honorary doctorates, has been awarded honors from three U.S. presidents, and has authored 7 books (5 of which have been national bestsellers).

He is the principal inventor of many technologies ranging from the first CCD flatbed scanner to the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind. He is also the chancellor and co-founder of Singularity University, and the guy tagged by Larry Page to direct artificial intelligence development at Google.

Kurzweil has received many awards and honors, including:


2 The Singularity

What is the Singularity?

- Physics Equation

Predictions that Ray has got right over the last 25 years:


Ray's Prediction for the next 25 years:


3 What do you believe?

Short poll on whether students are convinced or not convinced by Ray's predictions.

Students voice and share their own opinions on the future.

Student discussion

4 Independent Task

Students write short paragraph summarizing his or her main points on whether to agree or disagree on Ray's predictions. 

State reasons to support or contradict Ray's predictions.

Voice student's own predictions.

5 Summary

Share interesting student paragraphs.

Summarize the points made during the lecture.

Ray Kurzweil have been invited to numerous TED talks thus many of those are available to watch online.

I have selected several videos that are rather interesting for student's exploration.

- Watch Ray Kurzweil's talks if not finished in class

- Transcedent Man movie