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The secrecy and subsequent impeachment of Richard Nixon

Understand how the actions of the President reagrding Watergate & Vietnam resulted in his resignation
Steven K.
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Bronxville High School
Bronxville, United States
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My Grades 11
My Subjects Social Studies

-understand the impeachment process
-understand the Secret bombings of Cambodia, pentagon papers, supreme court case
watergate process and subsequent congressional impeachment
-create timeline of watergate 
-review supreme court decisions and evaluate multiple perspectives on issue

Social Studies
Grades 11
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1 Hook - Nixon's resignation

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Play a video of Richard Nixon's resignation speech from August 1974

Student Instructions

students will observe video

2 Define Impeachment

Activity: Debating

project impeachment clause of constitution

3 Discuss events of Secret bombing in Vietnam

Activity: Conversing

teacher will review events leading to uncovery of Secret bombings of Cambodia

from previous nights homework students will discuss secrecy of bombing of cambodia

4 Importance of pentagon papers & US v New york times

Activity: Reading

pass out copy of pentagon papers majority decision,

discuss case

5 Understanding watergate

Activity: Creating

students could create timeline of events of watergate break in, subsequent investigation and debates in congress

6 The final verdict - Nixon vs US and the end of the road

Activity: Reading

-students read the 1974 case majority decision