Lesson Plan

The Role of Government in Business

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Management
April T.
Classroom teacher
Blackburn Senior High Program
Omaha, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Math

Students will understand different groups affecting business 

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Essential Question

For this lesson, teacher will utilize iPad 1:1. 

Ask: How do you protect your personal property?

Ask: How do you protect your intellectual property?


Student Instructions

Read definitions 

Think about the questions

Develop an answer

Type the answer and any notes on individual iPads. 

2 Students' Prior Knowledge

Activity: Conversing

Discuss what intellectual property is and why we want/need to protect it. 

Examples: song, poem, story

Ask: How would you feel if someone published and made money on your writing without paying you? 

Student Instructions

Learn definition of intellectual property. 

Recall examples of your own intellectual property

Think about how you would feel if someone published and made money on your writing without paying you.


3 Summative Assessment

Send Project 2 worksheet to students' classroom 

Send Quiz 2 to students' classroom

Student Instructions

Access Microsoft classroom app

Complete Project 2 worksheet in the app

Complete Quiz 2 in the app

Attach Project 2 worksheet to Quiz 2 

Submit the assignments to the teacher in the classroom app

4 Closure

Free, Paid

Create Kahoot! review game using definitions, examples, and discussion questions from project 2. 

Send Kahoot! game to projector 

Distribute access PIN to students

Student Instructions

Access Kahoot! game using PIN

Participate in review game using Kahoot! app