Lesson Plan

The Raven

Students will learn and understand how to use new vocab by creating a short horror story.
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Students will be able to...

Use vocab words to add to the tone of the story.

Use vocab words appropriately.

Operate and make flashcards using quizlet.

English Language Arts
Grades 8 – 10
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1 Engage

The teacher will show the video to the class twice. For the first time, have the students only watch. The second time have the students take notes on some similarities and differences between the parody and the actual poem. After watching the video for a second time I will call on some of the students to read what they have written down.


Student Instructions


Students are expected to have read “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe before arriving to class. Students are also expected to bring a list of 10-12 words from the poem that they didn’t understand or that they found interesting.

2 Explore

The teacher will show the vocabulary video for the word macabre. Afterwards, the teacher will break the students up into groups of three or four, depending on the size of the class. The teacher will then instruct the students to exchange their lists of words that they should have prepared before class. Next the students are to create flashcards, using quizlet, of another student’s list of words. Have the students write the definitions of the words as well as a sentence using the word correctly or the sentence the word is found in within “The Raven”. Ask the students if they know how to use quizlet and make sure that at least one member of each group knows how to operate quizlet. Have the students who know how to use quizlet instruct those who do not know how. After they have made the flashcards, have the students show their group the flashcards they have made.

3 Explain

I will ask each group to select one member’s set of flashcards and then present them to the class. While the groups are presenting, the teacher will be entering in the flashcards the students have made into quizlet live. Once the last group has presented, the teacher will then split the class in half and have them play a round of quizlet live.


4 Elaborate

Free, Paid

Next the teacher will put the students back in their original groups and have them create their own short story using storybird. Each story should contain between 25-30 of the words that were made into flashcards and must be at least 10 pages long. They will need to use the words to create a spooky/eerie feeling to their story that is similar to “The Raven”. They can include either images that add to the creepy feeling,or they can add images that would make the story more humorous and similar to The Simpsons parody.

5 Evaluate

Activity: Presenting

After giving the students an ample amount of time, the teacher will call on the different groups and have them present their stories to the class using Storybird.


The teacher will ask each group questions like:


Who is the protagonist?

Who is the antagonist?

Why did they choose the vocab words that they used?

What is the rising action?

What is the climax of the story?

How does the imagery chosen either add to the creepy feeling or how does the imagery add to the humorous parody?


The teacher will ask the students who did not present:


Was the story consistent? Did the story have the same tone throughout? Did the story give you a creepy feeling or was it more humorous, like the Simpsons parody? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Could they have used different words to get a different tone or effect?


The teacher will also give the students an opportunity to question or critique the presenting story. The teacher will then take a class vote as to who has written the best story. The teacher will then ask the students to write a short, two page paper on Edgar Allen Poe’s life. Bonus points will be awarded for the use of vocab words found in the student’s quizlets.