Lesson Plan

The Problem with Reconstruction

Play with Blocks to Identify the Problems with Reconstruction
Michael G.
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My Grades 6, 8
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Students will be able to...

  • Evaluate the plethora of issue during Reconstruction
  • Assess the Plans of Reconstruction and juxtapose their positives and negatives
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 11
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1 The Hook - Blocks

Activity: Creating

In small groups, Students will create a structure with the blocks that were supplied by the teacher.

One student in each group will  be assigned the role of instruction designer and they will list the steps to build the structure OR create a diagram of the structure.

Student Instructions

Build a structure using all of the blocks. Choose someone in your group to write the directions to build the structure or draw a diagram to build the structure.

2 Desctruction

Activity: Creating

Students will destroy their buildings!

They will then be directed to exchange their plans with another group in the class and have 2 minutes to rebuild their blocks according to the designs of another group.

3 The Ah Ha Moment

Have students record their answers as to why they were not successful in the rebuilding of the structures. 

Students can post their responses to SMART Notebook via a class SMART Board 


Use Padlet to record their information

4 Connect

Students will research Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan.

During the time, the teacher will connect the Blocks to Reconstruction and review the Padlet or SMART Notebook to review all the political and social problems with Reconstruction.

5 Assessment

Google Drive
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Prezi Classic
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Students will create a presentation PSA (Public Service Announcement) using Google Slides or Prezi. The presentation will compare the plans for Reconstruction (Lincoln, Johnson, Radical Republicans) and the group will choose the one they feel would have been the best and advertise for it.

Work is to be shared back to teacher via Google Classroom.