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The Power of Words

The Power of Words
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Students consider that while they are enjoying their favorite websites they may encounter messages from other kids that can make them feel angry, hurt, sad, or fearful. They explore ways to handle cyberbullying and how to respond in the face of upsetting language online. Students discuss all the ways they use technology for communication, put themselves in the shoes of children who are cyberbullied on a kids’ game website, and explore both the similarities and differences between in-person versus online communication. Students then brainstorm ways to respond to cyberbullying


English Language Arts
Social Studies
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1 One

Activity: Reading


HAVE each group answer the questions, and then have them share their responses with the class. Look for responses that show empathy for Rani and Aruna and acknowledge that the messages are mean and hurtful and should be stopped. Ask students to read the “A Matter of Ethics” section on the Words Can Hurt Student Handout.



Student Instructions

See teach.

2 Two

Activity: Reading

In small groups, have students make a cyberbully protection kit. The kit should contain a shield that they decorate with an anti-cyberbullying symbol and a scroll that lists things they could say to a cyberbully. The kit can be created with cardboard or paper and markers, or online with Kerpoof.


Student Instructions

Students will answer the following questions.

Why is it a bad idea to send mean or scary messages online?

Why might there be more misunderstandings between people when they send online messages as opposed to face-to-face discussion?

What can kids do when they get cyberbullying messages?

3 Vocabulary

Activity: Reading

Key Vocabulary:

frustrated: irritated at not being able to do what you want

cyberbully (verb): using technology tools such as the Internet and cell phones to deliberately upset someone else

ethics: ideas about how people should act and behave


Student Instructions

See teach.