Lesson Plan

The Power of Point of View

Students will explore the power and effect of point of view through poetry using Engrade.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • define and identify various points of view in poetry.
  • utilize a concept maps/ webbing as a note-taking technique.
  • compose narrative poetry making purposeful choices regarding point of view to contribute to the meaning, mood, and tone of the poetry.
  • discuss author's intent for point of view selections.
English Language Arts
Grades 8 – 10
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1 Opener/ Hook

For the Opener, teachers can select an audio of a poem from the Power Poetry site (preferably one that contains an audio version to elicit different learning modalities).  Prior to playing the audio/ reading the poem, teachers should prompt the students with the task of identifying who is 'telling' the poem or from what perspective the poem in being told.  Students will also need to provide a one sentence rationale for why the author of the poem chose that perspective (effect, mood, tone, etc.).  For collaboration and/ or modification additions, students may work in pairs and a class discussion can occur to share responses.

2 Direction Instruction

Using the Engrade program (listed and reviewed on Graphite site), teachers should utilize the point of view wiki for this next section.  Direct students to read through notes on wiki orally alternating turns.  Next, the teacher should provide a concept map/ note web graphic organizer to allow the students to prioritize and organize information in regards to different types of point of view and effect/ purpose/ function.  The teacher should use document projecetor (i.e. ELMO) to allow for a scaffolding model of teacher do/ students help/ students do allowing the students to place responses on projected web.  Allow for discussion and paraphrasing of ideas.

3 Guided Practice

Teachers will continue using the Engrade site for guided practice.  The point of view wiki also contains an interactive practice using flashcards and a matching activity.  Allow students to practice academic vocabulary and identification of terms using the interactive tools.  For modication or collaboration purposes, students can work in pairs (if a computer/ device) is accessible to all students or the teacher may do this whole group from a project/ laptop combination.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

In this next portion of the lesson, teachers will have previously created a grab bag of topics from which students can choose prior to composing their poetry.  Each student will need to write a narrative poem of at least 50-75 words using the topic selected from the grab bag.  They must write this poem twice from two differing point of views.  Students must be prepared to discuss the point of view used as well as rationale for selecting that point view (effect, mood/ tone, purpose, function, etc.).

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

At the end of this lesson, students will volunteer to share both point of view pairs and lead the discussion in identifying point of view and purpose/effect with their class peers.