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The Organelles of the Eukaryotic Cell

This lesson flow outlines the steps used to teach the structure and function of organelles.
Johna M.
Classroom teacher
Ligonier Valley High School
Ligonier, United States
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My Grades 9, 10

Students will be able to name the major organelles found in a eukaryotic cell, and describe their functions.

Grades 9 – 10
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1 The Hook

Activity: Other — Writing

Provide a writing prompt to the students such as: For cells to function correctly, each part must do its job.  Members of families have jobs or chores that help the whole family.  List your family members and their jobs.

2 Direct Instruction

Students receive direct instruction by exploring the cell using the app Cell and Cell Structure.  This allows them to read about the function of each organelle while seeing a 3D representation of that organelle.  

3 Guided Practice

Students build models to reinforce the concept of form following function.  They will use different materials (both supplied and brought from home) to build the parts of a community, hospital, airport, etc. that would represent each of the organelles of the cell.  The part and the materials used to build it should reflect the form and function of the organelle it represents.  After modeling each organelle, students use Skitch on their iPads to take pictures of the models.  Using Skitch students are able to annotate the pictures.  They also answer questions on a worksheet describing how the structure and its material relates to the organelle.