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The Odyssey

Students will work through different, smaller lessons on topics concerning The Odyssey.
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Students will be able to analyze concepts concerning a thematic study of epic poems. Students will work through concepts concerning journeys, freedom, and rhetorical strategies concerning ethos, logos, and pathos. Students will utilize their skills gained in this unit by participating in a debate.

English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Students will work though taking notes and discussing silence, bullying, and stereotypes. We will analyze what makes Clint Smith a hero. 

Student Instructions

Please answer the following bellringer after having viewed the TED talk, "The Dangers of Silence."

While you watch the video, consider: What characteristics make this teacher a hero? How does he define a hero? Write a five-sentence paragraph detailing your thoughts. 

Share your bellringer with me on Google Drive and title it, "Clint Smith TED Talk."

2 Direct Instruction

Students will discuss the three types of heroes that the clip features. Students will zero in on epic heroes and begin reading The Odyssey

Student Instructions

While you watch, take notes on epic, romantic, and tragic heroes. Use this for your writing.

Assignment: Write about what you consider a hero to be. Who is a hero to you and why?

What type of hero are they? (Epic, tragic, romantic) Write a six to eight-sentence paragraph.

Share that document with me on Google Drive and titled it, "My Hero."

3 Guided Practice

Students will annotate their TED talk transcript in Google Docs with a partner. We will discuss the annotation as a class. 

Student Instructions

Please download this document. Work with it in Google Docs.

Annotate all unfamiliar words. Highlight them and provide definitions.

We will discuss the talk when you have completed this assignment.

4 Independent Practice

Students will work on these projects as an independent study in the background of Greek gods dealing with The Odyssey

Student Instructions

Prompt: Research one Greek god, goddess, or important Greek mythological figure, and create a Prezi, Poster, or PowerPoint sharing what you have learned. You will also be giving a brief (approximately 2 minutes) presentation to the class about your topic.

Research Process
1. Select a Greek god, goddess, or mythological figure to research from the “Greek Mythology” list. 
2. Find three reliable sources about topic to use for your project. 
3. You may use reliable websites, but you must use at least one printed text (book, encyclopedia, etc.) and one online database. Wikipedia is NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE!
3. Read your three sources and note any important information you should discuss in your project on the “Notes Sheets” (one notes sheet per source). Each source should provide you with at least 10 pieces of information—if a source doesn’t provide enough information, find a different one! Try to avoid pulling the same information from each source; the more information you have, the better off you’ll be. This information should include, but is not limited to: 

a. Describe your figure and what he or she represents (what is he or she the god/goddess of) 
b. Why is your figure important to Greek mythology?
c. Other names by which your figure has been known 
d. Who your figure is related to – mother and father, siblings, and children (if any) 
e. Characteristics of your figure 
f. Symbols that represent your figure 
g. Sacred animals, colors, etc. associated with your figure 
h. Interesting myth(s) associated with your figure

4. During the presentation component, you will be using your visual aid (PowerPoint/poster/Prezi). Your visual aid should incorporate the most important and interesting pieces of information from your project. If you use pictures, remember to include a Works Cited with citation information for those picture sources.

5 Wrap-Up

Students will watch debates and take notes. 

Student Instructions

Students will work through debates on PTSD. Students will debate whether or not Odysseus has PTSD. They will also have to analyze the treatment of our veterans who have PTSD. 

They will take notes on this professional student debate. They will take notes on my student debates from previous years.