Lesson Plan

The influence on media and the election process

Help students learn about the influence media plays on the election process

Students will be able to...collect and display information about their assigned candiates. Students will also be able to identify the cause and effect media has on the election procss. 

Social Studies
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

Begin by asking students the importance behind the campaign process and general information on campaigns and elections. Also have the students watch the video of Lyndon B Johnson's campaign ad called "Daisy."

Student Instructions

Have students discuss the importance behind the campaign process and general information on campaigns and elections. Also have students answer the following question on a piece of paper: What do you think the meaning and the importance behind LBJ's campaign ad "Daisy"? 

2 Independent practice

Activity: Creating

The students will be divided into groups consisting of 3-4 people and will be assigned a current presidential candidate and will create a storyboard campaign ad. 

Student Instructions

Students will be given a blank template to use as a guideline along with a piece of drawing paper. The website with the candidates will be up on the screen and students will be assigned a candidate and will create an ad based on the information that is on the website. Students will also be allowed to use their cell phones or computers. Students will be given 15 minutes to create their campaign ad. When the 15 miniutes is up each group will present their storyboard to the rest of the class. 

3 Conclusion

Activity: Assessing

During the activity I will walk around to check on the understanding of the directions. I will make sure that the students are thinking about their candidate's party and to make sure students are following the template. 

Student Instructions

The website used will be posted on the board so that students can find accurate information on their candidate. 

4 Wrap-up/Closing

Activity: Assessing

Exit ticket- Students will have to answer a question on technology and the election process.

Student Instructions

Take out a piece of paper and anwer the following question: What do you think will be the next big change for the election process as new technology evolves?