Lesson Plan

The importance of Insulin

Overview of the ins and outs of insulin and it's role in the body.
Amy B.
Classroom teacher
Lancaster High School Lancaster, NY
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My Subjects Science

Students will be able to...

identify that insulin is a protein

explain the role of insulin in the human body

describe the result of an insulin deficiency

Grades 8 – 11
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Students will view the Youtube video about Diabetes from Kid President.

It is a funny video about the way that some people pronounce "Diabetes."

2 Direct Instruction

Students will use Aurasma to hover their device over a worksheet and watch Brain Pop Videos about Hormones and Diabetes that will introduce them to the important hormones in the body like Insulin.

3 Guided Practice

Students will work with others to create a mind map about hormones including Insulin.

This will allow students to record their new knowledge.

Students will then download the mind map as an image.

4 Independent Practice

Students will play the Brain Pop Game called: Diabetitic Dog.

In this activity the students will have to care for a dog that has diabetes and make sure that it gets the proper amount of food, exercise, and insulin.

They will apply the knowledge that they have gained in the previous parts of this lesson.

5 Wrap Up

Students will use the image of their mind map and explain what they have learned and record it using the Explain Everything or the Show Me apps.

This can then be sent to their teacher for assessment.