Lesson Plan

The heart

student inquire into the heart and how to protect it
Sara A.
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Students will be able to...

- understand the function of the heart, 

- evaluate our daily life with respect to our health.

- execute their understanding in scratch 

Grades 5
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1 Hook: Into the heart

Teacher will show the students a small video of the heart to get to know the big muscle in human body. 

Then the teacher will ask the students to fill a KWL chart to be used along the unit using google doc to be shared with all the class.

Using padlet wall to ask all the wonders that round their heads and would like to learn about. 

2 Direct instructions:

Students are going to inquire into the heart, its function and its how to protect the heart. Students then are asked to work in group to show their understanding. 

3 Independent practice

Students have to create a project on scratch to raise awareness to the community about the heart, its function and how to keep it healthy. 


4 wrap up

students see each other project on the projector and fill again the KWL chart.