Lesson Plan

The Great Animal Battle

Which animal will win the contest?
Nancy C.
Media specialist/librarian
Seldens Landing Elementary School
Leesburg, United States
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Students will be able to...

-  define the word database

-  use the World Book for Kids database for research

-  create a chart showing the results of the reasearch


English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Hook

Activity: Reading

-  Tell the kids that you will be reading a nonfiction book about two animals that are having a contest.   Ask them what kinds of contests that two animals could have? (speed, size, etc.)

-  Read the book called Cheetah vs Ostrich by Charlotte Herriott.

Student Instructions

-  Make a list of contest that two animals could have.

-  Listen to the story.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Assessing

1.  Introduce the word "database".   Define it as information that is organized so people can find it easily. Tell them that World Book for Kids in a database.

2.   Show them how to locate World Book for Kids.   Display it on the Promethean Board.   

3.  Show them the different categories at the bottom of the page.  Ask them which one would help us to be able to compare two animals.

4.   Show them how to use the compare tool.   

5.  Create a chart for the kids to fill out that compares the two animals using the characteristics of the animals on the world of animals.


3 Guided Practice

1.  Take students through the steps of locating World Book for Kids  and accessing the Compare Animal tool.

2.  Fill out the chart with the kids.

Student Instructions

1.   Log into the computer.   Locate World Book for kids.

2.  Click on World of Animals.   

3.  Select Compare all Animals.

4.   Click on Aardvark.  The picture will appear in the Animal 1 spot.   

5.  Click on the purple compare animals box.   Then click on the alligator.   It should appear in box 2.  

6.  Click on compare now and the chart will appear.

7.   Fill out the chart with the teacher.  Declare a winner.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Investigating

Teacher chooses a partner for each student.   

Teacher observes students as they are working and help students as needed.  

Student Instructions

1.  Students choose 2 animals to compare.

2.  Students fill out the chart and analyze the results.

3.  Students declare a winner.