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The Freedman's Bureau

Make the Freedman's Bureau Site
David L.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies

Students will be able to understand the function of the Freedman's Bureau following the American Civil War

Social Studies
Grades 11
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1 Hook- What is the Freedman's Bureau?

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher creates a google form asking students "What do you think the Freedman's Bureau is" and then gives it to them

Student Instructions

Students complete the Waht is the Freedman's Bureau Google Form

2 Direct Instruction- Setting the Stage

Free, Free to try, Paid

The teacher gives a short direct instruction lecture setting the stage of where everyone stands after the Civil War

Student Instructions

Students listen and take notes in their Evernote Notebooks

3 The Site

Free, Paid
Google Drive
Free, Paid

1. The teacher creates a Google Drive template for website planning

2. The teacher then give sstudents a quick overview on how to use Weebly

Student Instructions

1. Students research the principals of the Freedmans Bureau, its history, and what it actually they did

2. Students then fill out the Google Drive planning template

3. Students then create a website for the Freedmans Bureau using Weebly. The website it the website for the actual Freedmans Bureau

4 Wrap Up - Evalauation

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teachers put the link to the webites on whatever site or LMS they use

The teacher then sends out a Google Drive document with questions for students to evaluate each projects

Student Instructions

Students complete the Google Form evalaution of the other website projects