Lesson Plan

~ The Four Seasons ~

Explore and distinguish the four seasons

Students will be able to...

  • List the different seasons.

  • Describe what to wear for each season.

  • Recognize what each season is like.

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Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Hook: The Introduction

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Begin the class with a 2-3 min video that introduces them to the four seasons. The video should be interesting, fun, and right for the age group. Show them this video clip that is posted on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0zKV6j1MDg


2 Direct instruction: Smartboard Activity

Activity: Other — SMART Exchange

(You will need a smart board for this activity)

1. Turn on the smart board.

2. Download or open in SMART notebook express for this lesson activity (copy URL): exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=810de530-4ee7-4085-931d-791af975fcd7

3. Describe to the students that this is an lesson activity to guess, review, and learn about the four seasons. 

4. Give each student to do a slide (the instructions are available in each slide of the activity). Let the student to come up to the smart board and do the activity. Then, ask the students if the answer was right. Tell them great job/ great work/ nice try...etc. 

Give each student a turn. If a student did one of the questions, do not allow her/him to do another question till everyone had a chance to do one.

5. After finishing from this activity, ask the students if it was hard or easy/ fun or boring/ loved it or not. Then, in your own words, give them a brief explanation about each season. For example: Summer: it is hot, sunny, and you can go to the beach.

Student Instructions

1. Go to the board, by turn, to try solving a question.

2. Use your finger to move or choose the right answer. 

3 Independent Practice: Personalized

Activity: Creating

Materials you will need for this activity: Glue, Scissors, and color pencils.

Print at least 10 from each picture in black and white:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLr1LkVSiMakcsVBt1OWIRhInV5P8VX0Ef8HYR_EJI0/edit?usp=sharing

1. Let the students to choose an animal to cut out.

2. Let them pick their favorite season.

3. Let them dress it for that season.

4. Have 4-5 students to volunteer to talk about why they picked that season, why they chose the colors, and how they dressed it.


Student Instructions

1. Cut out your favorite animal.

2. Cut out your favorite clothes of your favorite season.

3. Color in your favorite bear and clothes.

4. Glue them. 


4 Wrap up: Measurable Quiz

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This is the last part of the lesson, it is a quiz. This is a small quiz to measure how much the students understood from today's lesson: 

Open this link to start the quiz: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/1c5bcc3c-63d6-494b-aa2a-41d2507aa005

1. Tell the students to put away everything. 

2. Tell them to pull out their phones, Ipad, or laptops. If a student did not have any of these, give them an Ipad or a phone.

3. Let the students to type in the code of the game.

4. Explain to the students they must look at the board and see the question and the answers. Then they must answer on their phone by selecting the shape of the correct answer.

5. After the students understood the instructions, press start.

6. Read every question out loud. 

7. After the students finish the quiz, say the name of top winner out loud. 



Student Instructions

1. Write the code that is shown on the board.

2. Enter your name.

3. Read the question and choose the answer by clicking on the shape on the phone.