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The Five Senses

Students will learn to identify and describe the five senses
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Students will be able to...

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1 Introduction - Step 1

Activity: Conversing

-Project an image of the five senses on the smart board.

-Ask students if they know what the image is about.

-Elicit students' prior knowledge about the five senses.

-Create a mind map with brainstorming session on smart board. 

2 Direct Instruction - Step 2

-Review information about the five senses and play the Five Senses - Can You? video.

-Play the video again and have students practice answering questions using, "Yes, I can." and "No, I can't."

3 Independent Practice - Step 3

Activity: Creating

-Teacher divides class into five groups.

-Each group is assigned a sense.

-Each group will design a poster representing their assigned sense and what it does.

-Each group will present their poster.

4 Guided Practice - Step 4

-Students participate in a game based learning session to reinforce learned material.

-Divide class into teams of two.

-Distribute an iPad to each team.

-Students compete with each other and engage in a review game about the five senses using the Kahoot! app.