Lesson Plan

The Ecosystems

Learning about the different ecosystems.

Students will be able to...

-Learn about the different ecosystems.

-Observe and describe habitats within ecosystems.

-Observe and identify organisms with similar needs that compete for resources.

-Describe environmental changes which cause organisms to thrive, become ill, or perish.

-Describe how organisms modify environment to meet their needs.

Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Students will separate into 4 groups and each get a different topic.

Either Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, or Predators.

They will research their topic in their groups

Collaborate to make a presentation on Drawp and present it to the class

2 Direct Instruction

In their groups students will use the information gathered form their own group and from the others and make their own model mini eco system.

Each group will get materials to craft their ecosystem.

3 Guided/Independent Practice

They will play a game called Mountain Scramble.

PBS Kids: Plum Landing has a well-balanced combination of digital and real-world activities that lend themselves well to kids' scientific learning. In Roots and Shoots, kids build models of plants using sponges to look at adaptations for conserving water. This activity is fun and clearly addresses the concepts of adaptation and structure & function.

Here they will use their knowledge on producers, consumers, decomposers, or predators.

4 Wrap-Up

To wrap up, each student will use Eco Kids and use the Do Homework downloads to pick an endangered animal and learn about its habitat, diet, and conservation status.