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The Digital Whiteboard

Students complete a "graffitti" style project using the iPad
Vanessa S.
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My Grades 2
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Students will be able to...

·         decipher between common nouns and proper nouns

·         correctly capitalize proper nouns

English Language Arts
Grades 2
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Teacher introduces nouns to students by playing Grammar Rock: Nouns to students.Teacher introduces nouns to students by playing Grammar Rock: Nouns to students.

Student Instructions

Students watch Grammar Rock: Nouns.


Teacher uses a premade Power Point to teach students about common/proper nouns and how proper nouns should be capitalized. Teacher will ask guiding questions which students will Turn and Talk to their partners about or answer directly to the teacher.

Student Instructions

Students follow along with the teacher's Power Point and answer questions when asked. 


The teacher will give each group of 4 1 iPad. The teacher will already have opened the Show Me app. The teacher will have already created 5 pages with headings at the top (person, place, animal, thing, proper noun), The teacher will set the timer for 3 minutes. The teacher will ask random students for examples their group wrote down.

Student Instructions

One student will add their answer to the iPad and then pass it to the the next person. The next person will hit the arrow button to go to the next page and write their answer on the iPad for that type of noun. 


Activity: Creating

The teacher will explain that students will write down 5 sentences, using 1 type of noun in each sentence. Students will give their papers to a partner. The partner will circle the noun in each sentence.


Activity: Assessing

The teacher will ask for volunteers to read their partners sentences and share which word they circled as the noun.