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The cold War

after world war ll the united States and the Soviet union did not get along well. The Western world hoped the United Nations and NATO would keep the world peace.
Suman M.
Harris County Youth Village
Seabrook, United States
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Students will be able to describe how communism spread in eastern Europe.

Explain attempts to stop the spread of communism.

Explain how communism spread in Asia.

Describe the reasons why the united states was drawn into the arms race.

Exploring how the United Nations begins.


Social Studies
Grades 9
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Investigating

The teacher will show some pictures of divided Europe, iron curtain, and some maps.teacher will show the pictures of vocabulary and vocabulary words to match with

Teacher is going to walk around in the class to check how students are responding those vocabulary and pictures.

Cold War and Hot War

Student Instructions

KWL chart

Students are going to write on a notebook what those pictures maps, iron curtain about. 

students will match the words with vocabulary n the board.

2 Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring

teacher is going to read some passages from the book and explaining

The Truman Doctrine

The Marshall Plan

The Berlin Airlift

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Student Instructions

teacher will ask students to write down about the truman doctrine, the Marshall Plan, The Berlin Airlift, and NATO

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Drawing

Students are getting construction paper to draw the map of Europe and coloring the map in two different colors to show the Eastern and Western Germany.

Student Instructions

create a map of Eastern and western Germany and  to show the communist countries in Europe. how many countries have become democratic after this cold war between U.S and SOviet Union. 

4 Wrap-Up

Free, Paid

Teacher is going to write five multiple questions to check for students understanding and mastery of this lesson

1.The Soviet union wanted to keep those countries under Communist control.

2. Built factories, gave supplies,gave protection against Soviet Union.

Student Instructions

Students are going to answer these five questions on the worksheet assignment.

1.Why were free elections not held in the countries freed by Soviet troops?

2. How did the Marshall plan help Europeans