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The Circuit

Students will synthesize ideas from the text "THe Circuit" and webquest in order to create a public service announcement. THis is a culminating activity. Students have previously analuzed the circuit and completing a webquest.
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Students will be able to...

Synthesize information from "The Circuit" unit including key ideas from the text and web quest recorded in graphic organizers in order to create a public service announcement that identifies and explain the living, working, and educational conditions of migrant farm workers by using text, images, and sound in Microsoft movie maker.

English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 Activator

Activity: Other — Entry Routine

As students enter the classroom and copy down nightly homework, I hand out Activator Books.

Review Activator prompt. Based on our reading, describe the struggles of a migrant farm worker.

While students are completing activator, hand out computers.

Student Instructions

Students will copy today's learning objective into notebooks and complete the activator.

When students are finished with their activator, they will log into computers and sign into todaymeet.com/msmaccini.

After signing in, screens down.

2 Hook / Launch

Review Rules and Procedures for using Todaysmeet.com

These have been previously taught in other lessons. This is not the first time students have used the site to generate discussion.

Present image of young migrant boy working in the field.

Prompt: What does this image make you think / wonder?

How does this image connect to the ideas we have previously discusses in class, or that you discovered on your webquest yesterday?

Student Instructions

Students will respond to prompts using todaymeet.com. After giving a response, students will pause and scroll back to read other peer responses. Students must respond to one peer using format.


3 MiniLesson

PowerPoint Lesson reviewing the project steps, procedures, and expectations.

Review Rubrics

Place students in strategically planned (differentiation / SEI) groupings

Hand Out step by step guide to movie maker

Guided Tour of movie maker features

Present Examples and Models

Student Instructions

Review project requirements

Review Rubric / Ask questions

Review Movie Maker Videos

Parking Lot Activity: Questions posted on question wall

Partners will follow instructions and access features of movie maker in order to become familiar with basic features needed for project.

Students will review examples and models.

4 Review Information for Presentation

Ask students to take out all cumulative materials including all graphic organizers that have been previously filled out to prepare for this project.

After reviewing their information, students will share ideas on todaymeet.com.

Prompt: Please post / share information / facts that you plan on incorporating into your project.

Student Instructions

Students will take out / organize / and review thier materials.

These include:

  • Story Graphic Organizer that identifies and describes key scenes that reveal the struggle of migrant workers.
  • Web Quest graphic organizer with facts and information about modern migrant worker families.
  • Bibliography of sources that students developed and incorporated.

Students will share information for 8-10 minutes on todaymeet. Students will be able to access this information, while they are working on their project.

5 Activity

Teacher will rotate around the room facilitating and assisting learning.

Refer back to the rubric guidelines.

Aid students in navigating movie maker

Student Instructions

Students will create public service announcement that identify and explain the struggles of migrant worker families.


  • Living Conditions
  • Working Conditions
  • Educational Access
  • Cycle of Poverty

Movies must include: Music, Images, Text

Must Include: Facts from web quest and sources

6 Summarizer

Activity: Assessing

Review Summarizer Prompt

Facilitate Clean Up

Student Instructions

How did encorporating music and images with your ideas and facts about migrant workers help to convey the messages / themes of the novel?

What was the tone of your movie?

How did this change your understanding of migrant workers?