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The Brighter Rolling Side of Digital Marketing

We all saw the magnificent rise of ecommerce design trends in the gone year and the synergy of advertising, social media and analytics that fascinated both users and the digital marketers.
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We all saw the magnificent rise of ecommerce design trends in the gone year and the synergy of advertising, social media and analytics that fascinated both users and the digital marketers. Can we expect the similar rise or something more mesmeric to happen in the digital landscape this year? Let’s see a bit closely as to which digital trends could fall in our lap as we have just begun.

Location-Based Mobile Marketing

The location-based mobile marketing offers custom messages to a group of (right) consumers in a given (right) time. This involves time-targeted offers and messages to a segment of customers and monitoring their results in the perspective of business yield. Off late, consumers are pretty satisfied with the way marketers are tracking them on their phones and offering them generous deals and services. Such trends are going to hit the market more valuably. The real benefits of location based marketing are that it is inexpensive and result-oriented.

Way to Mcommerce

This year will see a sea-change in making online business transactions as it will be mainly done through Smartphone’s, tablets and other mobile devices. With increased screen sizes of the handheld devices among users, online purchase is charming more and more customers. Due to responsive designs, native mobile apps are also serving better with great user experience. Seeing all such trends, mobile commerce or Mcommerce will invite more apps and services for mobile devices. Mobile commerce already accounts to over 23% of online sales and ios app downloads. And, this is only going to increase. We will hear that too!

Focus On Long Tail Marketing

Long tail search is already becoming a norm and now it has got a nod from Google when it announced Hummingbird on its 15th anniversary, September 26. Long tail marketing confirms that long tail keywords, though considered less searched and less popular, work in search queries. Since it is less competitive, long tail search is extremely profitable by drawing in more and quality traffic. Hummingbird allows searching for content in a natural conversational manner. Could we say that at last the search begins with a human touch?

Virtual wallets, in demand

Virtual wallets will show up more and become popular as alternative payment modes. The use of mobile apps has already shown how virtual wallet is admired by the users. But to simplify the procedure, easiest ways will be explored. Google Wallet, the mobile payment system designed by Google and released on September 19, will probably be pronounced re-active soon. Google Wallet permits its users to store credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, etc. and also redeeming sales promotions in their mobile phones. Just recently, Google announced Google Wallet being connected with debit cards.

Hashtag, in everyone’s favor

Trying to hash out something? Use hashtags. The hashtag is becoming like a pretty holy cross to spread faster and farther. The role of hashtags in social media as well as search is only going to increase more as users will gain amplified benefits from it. The three real benefits of hashtags are more research, more finding and more promotion.

Cookies drop-off

Cookie-less tracking of user behavior will be on the rise as Google along with Microsoft and Apple have a common stand on this. Web cookies always had a chance to not only track user behavior, but also track passwords and other relevant information like site personalization. Moreover, third party cookies exposed to greater risk to security. Therefore the cookie less tracking comes with a great relief and protects privacy.

‘Search by Image’ set to rule

Search by Image means finding information on a specific image. Google gave us all Search by Image option in June. This time Google Authorship tenders linking of content (published on any domain) to Google+ profile. This also adds to online visibility and click through rate. This suggests more users, for the viewership sake, will choose the option.

Despite above mentioned trends, I strongly feel that the digital marketers wouldn’t be just sticking to these only. They must be having more interesting trends lurking in their minds. I hope they do, and we keep growing for better!

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