Lesson Plan

The Basics of Woodworking

Education on Woodworking

Students will be able to name certain common tools and woodworking techniques.

Students will be able to summarize the overarching steps that need to be taken when making a piece.

Students will be able to plan how to create something out of wood.

Students will be able to distinguish (on a basic level) which is the right technique and tool to use for each step.

Students will be able to determine the right steps to take to get started on a project.

Students will be able to develop their own basic plans to make a piece out of wood. 


Rubric which I wish to be graded on: http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php?ts=1458167134


Grades 6 – 12
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Student Notes

1 Intro (4 Minutes)

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid


Through using Prezi, I will show the class pictures of my pieces and other creative pieces that will hopefully catch their attention. Prezi assists me by creating an intriguing visual display. I will begin by showing pictures and videos in a slideshow to intrigue students and hook their attention. This will effectively allow them to retain information better because they are interested in the subject. The slideshow will consist of extreme woodworking accomplishments, somewhat of a highlight reel of woodworking.


2 Guided practice (3 Minutes)


I will hand out a list of tools and name a specific project. The students will be asked to collaborate to discern which is the best method and tools to use for each step. Polleverywhere allows me to quickly test the students' knowledge of the lesson. The poll will assess the students' retention of information from the video. As we go, I can continue to instruct the class and teach them on the questions that they miss.

3 Lesson (3 Minutes)

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

Through using Prezi, I hope to make a digital flowchart presentation that includes instructional videos and pictures to help the students identify and distinguish between different woodworking techniques and tools.  Prezi assists me by creating an intriguing visual display. I will you quirky Youtube videos that allow students to easily learn key tools. It will hopefully teach them about file, sandpaper, table saw, lathe, drill press, and band saw.

4 Individual Test of Knowledge (3 Minutes)

Free, Paid


I ask each student to create a small project and quickly outline the steps necessary to make this project. Kahoot allows me to create a fun and more in depth test of each students knowledge. It is different from the Polleverywhere because the students won't have me to guide themselves through the practice. The Kahoot will be made to be fun and inspire creativity while also using the main tools learned in the previous exercise. 

5 Intrigue/Motivate Students Further (2 Minutes)

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

Through videos and pictures on Prezi and YouTube, I will engage the students' interests by showing them the endless possibilities that one has when working with wood in the shop.  Prezi assists me by creating an intriguing visual display. Finally I will end by displaying some of my own projects and how I came to develop them.