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The Appy Writing Process: Step 1 Brainstorming

This is the first of a series of appflows that teach the steps of the writing process via various apps and websites
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Students will be able to...brainstorm ideas for writing 

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 8
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1 Guided Practice

This is actually the first in a six-part or multi-lesson unit which includes direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice (similar to a writer's workshop). At the beginning of each session, the teacher reminds students that writing is a process and that authors follow several steps over and over again in creating books, essays, articles, etc. These steps are: brainstorm, plan, draft, revise, edit, publish. In this particular lesson (lesson 1 in the series), the focus is on the first step in the writing process: brainstorming ideas for writing. Initially, the teacher leads the children through a whole group exercise by projecting the story dice app from her ipad to model how pictures can be used to spark deas for writing. As ideas come up, she can list them on her smart board or have children list on their ipads on whatever word processing software is used (even the notepad app works handy to this end). The teacher will then project the alphabet organizer to model with children how to brainstorm ideas in another manner, using an A-Z list (choose the format that creates a 1 page list rather than an A-Z book). After teacher model is complete, children will work in pairs, using either the dice or the alphabet organizer to brainstorm ideas for a story together. Children will eventually move to indepdently using these and other similar apps to brainstorm ideas for writing!