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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

The Ants Go Marching

Preschool students will be able to to gain understanding of ant life cycle and the various ants in the colony while learning the basics of counting to 10.

Preschool students will become familiar with life cycles of ants, see colonies at work, and learn to count (up to 10) while engaged in hands-on activities.

English Language Arts
English-Language Learning
Grades Pre-K
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1 Attention Getter

The teacher will lead the class with a couple introductory songs with ants.
Teacher will begin an KWL chart on ants: what children know, what they want to learn.

Student Instructions

The students will watch the videos and sing along to the catchy tunes to become inspired to learn about ants.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

The teacher will read the book "Tiny Workers" by Nancy Loewen and introduce students to new vocabulary.

Student Instructions

The students will be active listeners and engaged in the reading asking questions they may have along the way.
The students will enjoy a good story and be introduced to new vocabulary in the book.

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will assist students with counting 1 - 10.
Teacher will assist the students with the preview of Ant Colonies as the life cycle is introduced and the names of the various ants in a colony.

Student Instructions

Students will learn life cycles of ants thru play.
Students will be introduced to various types of ants in the colony.
Students will work on counting 1-10 thru play.

4 Independent Practice

Teacher will have materials available for students to create any colonies.
Materials may include (but are not limited to):
toilet paper, paper towel, and gift wrap tubes

Student Instructions

Students will have materials available to create ant mazes and tunnels that replicate those seen in a colony.
Students will work cooperatively to create and problem solve as they design their ant maze.
Students will have the opportunity to walk around and see what other students have created.

5 Wrap Up

Teacher will use the video as a wrap up to the ant lesson.
Teacher will ask children what the "L"earned for the KWL chart.
Teacher may wish to take students on a nature walk to look for ants, ant hills, and ant colonies as an extension activity.

Student Instructions

Students will realize that ants are all around us and that ants have important jobs to do.
Students may wish to learn more about ants and ant facts.