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The ABCs of Teaching the ABCs

Want to build student mastery of the alphabet using edtech? This Lesson Flow is for you!
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Students will be able to identify the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Pre-assessment

Activity: Assessing

Use standard letter assessment material to record your students' current mastery of letter name identification.

2 Daily Letter Introduction

This visually striking app is a fun and dynamic way to introduce a daily letter, or letters. Mirroring onto a larger screen will allow this to be a whole group activity. Calling on students to explore the unique attributes of the letters each day will build interest and excitement during  each day's lesson.

3 Independent Practice

Make these engaging apps available for student use as part of center rotations.

4 Small Group Vocabulary Activity

Endless Alphabet
Free to Try, Paid

In a small, teacher led group, reinforce the daily letter(s) and build academic vocabulary with this silly, but well-made, app. Add a paper and pencil activity linked to the target letter(s) to build fine motor skills.

5 Cumulative (or Formative) Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Administer the initial letter naming assessment again to measure student growth and inform future instruction.