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The 3 Little Pigs Safe House - #WithMathICan

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While students re-read a favorite child nursery rhyme they will be confronted with a "story world problem" ( 3 pigs living in 1 house at the end of the book...WHAT?!)  After students predict patterns throughout the book, draw a models for a safe house, they will also be challenged to work backwards to complete a goal of creating a house to hold a toy pig and be both wolf proof, and earthquake proof. By learning from others via discussion and   recording those discoveries as they are found, a growth mindset is encouraged by highlighting the construction of knowledge as a group.

Grades K – 3
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ASK: the students "Who knows the story of the 3 little pigs"

GATHER: Have students tell you some of the information they remember from the 3 little pigs. Information like the types of houses, or the big bad wolf and what happened to the pigs.

be sure to display the iStory on a projector or smartboard for all students to see and take part in the story.

2 iStory - Group Reading

READ: The iStory is an interactive story that the students will be participating by being able to swipe, shake and pinch. read the whole story, having student help you out with the story.

USE LOGICAL REASONING:  At the end of the story, students are aware that the wolf has destroyed 2/3 homes and now all 3 pigs are living in the same house. But unfortunately the house was only created to house 1 pig....not 3! Also we viewed the wolf running away, but how do we make sure this never happens again



3 Planning

Activity: Drawing

REVIEW: Have the students complete a story web covering the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 


PLANNING: Have the students work on their ideal image of a safe house. Make sure they understand that this house needs to be large enough for all pigs to live in, and wolf proof (tornado, earthquake proof)

Student Instructions

Students complete the story web map, they may be able to draw/write in information. On the back of their paper they will create a safe house large and strong enough for all 3 pigs to live in.


Activity: Creating

CREATE: group the students into groups of 3-4 and have them view their plans, and work together to build a house out of craft sticks

Students will have a end goal in mind and will need to work backwards in order to create their ideal safe house. They will alter and improve their house the more time they test it and spend on it.


Activity: Assessing

When students are done, place the 3 pigs (marbles) inside the house. Then to test its strength place a tennis ball or golf ball on the top. Finally surprise the students by bringing in a fan and say the BIG BAD WOLF is back, and he is out for revenge. (or simply just have all the students in the group blow on the house, shake the table as well for a "earthquake" simulation)

*Be sure to have a video camera/camera available so you can video the assessment for grading purposes.